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Know your patients like never before

Tired of Failed Appointments? Failed or broken appointments have plagued the dental industry for decades with only marginal improvements occurring over the last 30 years.

Across the industry, on average, 10-25% of hygiene appointments are missed; postcards, email reminders, phone calls… they’ve only had marginal improvement in solving the problem. Truro's proprietary AI technology uses machine learning to help you understand your patient's attitude and behavior towards their dental health.  This allows you to customize your patient communication in ways that meets their individual needs, and helps increase the probability of them keeping their dental appointment. 

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Truro's technology, proven through rigorous A/B testing, provides a viable alternative.

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Reduce Missed Appointments

We predict when a patient is going to miss an appointment using the Truro Intelligence LoMA™ Score

Improve Utilization

When we prevent missed appointments, hygienist utilization goes up and we reduce unproductive time – they’re still paid, but no revenue was realized.

Increase Profit Margins

By focusing on hygiene appointments, not only are we increasing direct revenue, we’re increasing marginal profits and in-direct procedural revenue*.

Our Solution

Truro Analytics has developed a predictive analytics and machine learning solution to help you understand your patients. Truro's proprietary LoMA™ score helps you reduce appointment failure rates, increase utilization, and keep schedules full without unnecessarily bothering patients.

Before Truro, before LoMA™

Patient populations are undifferentiated

Dental practices, groups, and support organizations lacked an understanding of poor patient behavior, and didn't posses actionable insights.

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With Truro, with LoMA™

Predictive insights that differentiate patient populations

Dental organizations now have behavioral insights that can be used to improve the patient experience, find operational efficiencies, and increase financial performance.

The Truro Analytics LoMA™ score is assigned to each patient based on their demographic and behavior profile, which is refined and updated as more data becomes available.

LoMA™ provides actionable insights focused on a segmented population, enabling your team to prevent failed appointments or anticipate the failure and take additional action.

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Using Truro Analytics, we've finally made a dent in our no-show rates after 30 years of trying everything!

Peter Swenson | CEO, Park Dental

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Our Mission

Our objective is to help dental groups care for more people, improve patient care, and increase their financial performance

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